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Since 2007 we have been providing services outside our country aimed to support public and private sectors of acceding and candidate countries based on our vast experience in managing EU projects.

Implementation of technical assistance projects is encompassing various fields which reflect the main areas of our expertise, i.e. regional development, competitiveness, enterprise development, innovations, labour market and employment, agriculture and rural development. The territorial coverage of our services includes mainly the Balkans – we already have experience in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Romania, and Turkey, but we are constantly widening our activity in terms of geographical range.

Our team includes mainly company staff but we are also relying on experience of wide number of independent consultants of various areas of specialization. Our extensive database of expers with proven professional experience can be a useful tool in finding the right professional for your project.

Thanks to the experience gained through our involvement in management and implementation of various framework contracts, we are able to provide high-quality and cost-effective short-term technical assistance, mobilised at very short notice.


Who can be our clients/partners:

  • Public administrations –state, municipal and local administrations, agencies, departments, etc.

  • Private companies, beneficiaries under donor-funded projects

  • Consultancy companies implementing TA projects 

  • Freelance experts who are interesting in finding project opportunities.


Someof our experience in TAs

Our experts have been or are implementing the following TA projects:

    • Project “Strengthening the administrative capacity of Ruse Municipality for effective cooperation with business in performing local economic development”– sub-contractor for activity 1 “Carrying on researches and analyses” – Ruse Municipality
    • Elaboration of analysis of the possibilities to use leasing schemes in implementing Rural Development Programme measures – research for the Bulgarian Leasing Association
    • “Elaboration of National Youth Strategy” – contract under State Agency for Youth and Sport
    • Evaluation of Second Call for Proposals for OP “Black Sea” 2007-2013 Creation and evaluation of an information campaign concept for Rural Development Programme 2007-2013, Bulgaria – public procurement contract for the Ministry of Agriculture FWC Commission 2007 — Lot n° 2 “Evaluation of proposals for CARDS 2006 (Civil society and Media) and EIDHR 2008 national programmes for Albania” 
    • Capacity building of CSOs, partnership actions, transfer of knowledge and strengthening of CSO networks - Programme budget BG 051РО002/08/2.3-02 “Strengthening the capacity of the civil society structures”  - Project “Strengthening the capacity of civil society structures for developing partnership with local authorities in the process of elaboration and implementation of regional development plans and strategies”.
    • Microcredit Guarantee fund project - preparation of methodology, selection criteria, monitoring and evaluation system, data base preparation and management, training of beneficiaries and local coordinators
    • World Bank, Netherlands Economical Institute, National Employment Service, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy – Project   “Evaluation of the net impact of active labour market programs”


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